A Secret Untold


So I am sitting down in the VIP area sipping my drink and out of thin air some guy in 30’s clothing falls down my stairs. I know the door at the top wasn’t opened so I go to check it out. The guy is bleeding from three gunshot wounds to the chest that are still smoking. Where in the hell did he come from?? I call the door guard to call for help since he is bleeding he must be mortal right? I am putting pressure on the wounds trying to keep him from bleeding out. One of the other patrons points out this guy has a few too many teeth. Like four extra rows of them, and they are moving in an odd manner. At this point I back up quickly and called security to keep the emergency crews from coming. They point out that they are already on the way and they can’t exactly call 911 back and tell them it was a mistake. I agree to let them “handle” it and make it clear that no one should be allowed downstairs under any circumstances.

I start trying to call Loa’s with more experience to see if someone knows what in the hell this thing is and what should we do about it. During this time the guy has gotten up and has sprouted tentacles with mouths and sharp teeth on the ends. I get through to Avery who suggests shooting it in the head. Mia starts punching the guy and one of the other Loa ends up shooting her in the shoulder. Things get crazier and I end up having to set Mia on fire as whatever in the hell this is appears to be trying to eat her from the legs up. Such a pretty fire… To keep the ceiling from catching on fire I put Mia out and start pouring my special brew into her mouth to help her heal.

The guy that shot Mia realizes that whatever in the heck was in the guy that splashed all over him appears to have maggots that are eating into his chest. Guess what? Yep, that’s right, another fire! He gets put out too and then the Loa in the red dress starts scooping up the ashes from the first fire. No idea what she planned to do with them but Mia isn’t about to let anyone have her ashes. She bounces Red’s head off the bar causing some of the ashes to go into Red’s mouth and nose. Shortly thereafter Red starts feeling icky and we hear a noise we heard earlier from the man. This time it is coming from Red. Mia ends up getting Red to vomit up what was growing in her stomach. I light it on fire and then wash it down the drain. Mia of course has to make a smart ass remark about it being like flushing an alligator down the drain in New York.

I get a call from my guard telling me the police are insisting on speaking with me. Turns out in order to justify the call to 911 they broke some poor schmucks kneecaps. I manage to convince the police that this was the other guys fault and that this kind of thing doesn’t usually happen here. They also should be convinced that they will not need to come back for any follow up.

At some point I get an address and name via text of someone that may be able to help identify the creature. We all head there and find a bum sleeping on the floor. I am not sure if he is the Archivist or not so I try asking questions to make sure when Mia word vomits the whole story on him. I blow it off as her being drunk when we see the person who is probably actually the Archivist come out of the back. He sends the bum on his way and I try to explain what we need. Since I had the forethought to bring the security footage with me I show it to him. He is a little strange with a challenge in the people skills department. If he can figure out what this is and what we should do about it if we come across one again I can live with it.

We head back to the club once he “dismisses” us.

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